Friday, June 27, 2008

Rocky Point

Trent's family has been going to Rocky Point since before he can remember. They used to camp at an RV park down there but since everyone has gotten older and since Joanna, my mother-in-law, decided to put her foot down, they've been renting a beach house for the last few years. I joined the tradition last year after Trent and I got engaged and totally fell in love with it! You can't quite beat being at the beach with great food, great people and perfect weather!
This was our first time going as a married couple and it was definitely a memorable trip! We decided to car pool with Trent's parents and take Trent's Yukon down there because it seemed to fit everything and everyone the best. Trent's brother Justin and his family followed us in their car. Trent checked the oil and all the other vitals of the truck before we left and so we felt pretty confident that the beast was gonna get us there with no problems. We filled the truck to the brim and packed ourselves in there too somehow. As we were getting ready to pull out of the driveway Dale, Trent's dad, kept asking Trent "did you check this" or "did you check that". After Trent finally convinced him that we checked everything we started the engine and off we went! We made it almost to the border and stopped to get gas one more time before we got into Mexico. After we filled up and used the absolutely disgusting bathrooms, seriously they are SO sick!...we started the truck and headed toward the border. We had seriously only been driving for about 2 minutes and call it bad luck or irony, the battery light comes on. Fabulous. To make matters worse it was about about 7 at night and the sun was going down. We were already too far to turn around and so we had no choice but to keep going. We turned the a/c off (luckily it was May and so it wasn't too hot), turned off the head lights, radio and pretty much anything else that would've used up any juice. The sun was going down and fast! Let me just state for the record that driving in Mexico, with no head lights and a car that's barely running is not fun. To top it all off the truck only went about 35 miles per hour and that was with Trent pushing the pedal all the way to the floor! Every time we stopped at a stop sign or light the truck would almost completely die. Luckily we had Justin's family close by in case we couldn't make it. The truck finally died once we crossed the gate into the beach house development. I was so relieved that it took us that far but we still had another 3 miles to get to the actual house. We didn't have a tow rope in the car either so Justin drove to the house to look for one. While we waited we had 3 Mexicans stop to ask if we needed help. They are so friendly down there! We finally found someone with a tow rope to take us to the house. Relief! I couldn't believe we finally made it! I'd better state in Trent's defence that he did check the battery before we left too but even though it read that it was charged it didn't read that there wasn't enough left for the long trip. We all were in such a hurry to get there that we didn't stop and really listen to the promptings the Lord was giving Dale to check everything again. Lesson learned!
Dale and Trent spent the first half of the trip trying to get everything fixed on the Truck. I felt so bad for them. Thank goodness Trent speaks Spanish! Trying to find a car battery in Mexico would've been very difficult otherwise!
After that was all taken care of we had a blast! We were able to veg out on the beach and enjoy the rest of our vacation. We stayed up playing games and watching movies and just enjoyed one anothers company. There's one restaurant there that became our favorite place last year and we were all so excited to eat there again! It's on the roof of a building in the fish market and it was so yummy last year. Unfortunately we were all disappointed this year. The food was not as good and it was WAY overpriced this time. So sad. Luckily for us we found a new hot spot this time and let me just say this place was so much better than our favorite spot last year. You got a lot of food for your money and it was really really yummy! As you can tell by the picture Trent and I had no problem finishing off the entire fiesta platter by ourselves! But it's OK cause we were on vacation! At least that's our excuse :) Trent being himself
This was at our old favorite resturant. Our poor little niece wasn't feeling very good that night. She was so sweet and just wanted Trent to hold her. She loves him!

Justin and his kids playin in the party raft.
This was before the Fiesta Platter. Don't we look so excited to eat it! They brought it out on a large pizza tin. So much food!

But of course we finished it off. No problem.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Soon!!

* Updates on "Rocky Point" * "Moving" * "Beautiful Baby Brooklyn" * "Heidi and Max's Wedding" and More! *

I know, I know...The anticipation must be killing you!