Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Levi O'Keith Owens
Born May 25th at 5:24am
Weighing 8lbs 5oz and 20in Long

Let me just start by saying Levi is such a sweet little baby! He's really just been such a joy. I think the second time around I've learned to just slow down and enjoy having a newborn again. This time is over in the blink of an eye so I'm trying to soak it all in. Luke has also been so adorable with his brother. More on him to come.
So here's Levi's birth story.
I had been dilated 4-5cm for almost two weeks. When I was first told how far dilated I was I immediately thought, "This is it! I'd better get packed because it could happen any time!". Trent was excited but cautious because he knew we could be waiting for a while. (How did he know that and I didn't? Who was the pregnant one here!?) I was approaching 39 weeks and I was dying to have my baby in my arms and to not be pregnant anymore. I was getting so uncomfortable and sleep was not happening anyways so why not be awake with a cute little baby instead of screaming heartburn and an aching back? Plus, I had been having inconsistent contractions for 2 weeks that were getting uncomfortable. I'd been walking everyday among other things to make something happen but...nothing. I called my Dr.'s office on Monday to see if I had any options at this point. I already had an appt with my Dr. for Thursday but I was too anxious to wait till then to talk to them. I had a few concerns. The biggest one being that I live in Maricopa and my hospital (Good Samaritan) was about an hour away. I was already half way dilated so who knew how fast things would progress from there. My hopes were crushed though when they said to just pay attention to my body. When I felt labor coming on to go to the hospital (yea thanks, I already knew that!)
After my phone call on Monday I was very emotional. I cried over EVERYTHING! My mom sweetly mentioned that it must happen soon cause being emotional must be a good sign. Tuesday morning I woke up with contractions coming every 5 minutes but that only lasted for about an hour. They got farther apart as the morning progressed. Then I started getting contractions that were lasting 10-15 minutes and I started to worry. Could the baby handle contractions for that long? I called my Dr. office again. The triage nurse I spoke with said that she was going to call me back in an hour and if I had any more that lasted that long that she was going to send me to the hospital. Welp, I did and so I called Trent to come home. He came home and we tried to get our new van registered quickly before we left because the temporary tag expired. (Yes, we own a van now. Just call me soccor mom! We love it by the way.) It was a huge nightmare and it took us forever to leave! (It's still not resolved by the way, grrr). Finally, we were ready to leave and we dropped Luke off at my parents. I couldn't even speak when we left, I was so emotional. I realised everything would be different when we came home and I was going to miss my little Goober! I kissed him quickly and cried while we pulled away.
When we got checked into triage it was 3:00. I knew that unless they found I was in active labor I could very well be sent home and I was praying the whole time that they could admit me!! I came in and was still 4-5!!! I couldn't believe it. So disappointed. The nurse had us get up and walk for an hour to try to get a change. It's funny but that was actually a lot of fun. Trent and I were joking and laughing and really enjoyed walking with each other. When I came back, still no change. She said she'd call the Dr though at our request, and see what she wanted to do with me and told us to go walk for another hour. So we went to the cafe, got some dinner and walked again. When I came back, still no change. She did say I was a 5 now but not actively in labor still. BUT!!!!!! Sweet, sweet Dr. Mayer said she'd admit me anyway as long as I was ok with having help to get my labor going! She recognised how far we lived from the hospital and felt comfortable keeping us. We were elated! We wouldn't be leaving the hospital empty handed.
By the time we got into the room and I was hooked up to pitocin it was 9:00pm! We were in for a long night. I had an incredible nurse, Edna, who made us very at ease. Unfortunately, we were still in labor when Enda's shift ended so nurse Chelsea was the nurse we had the rest of the time. She was awesome too though! I started to get pretty uncomfortable around 1:00am and so enter the epidural. This epidural felt very different from the one I had with Luke. With Luke I was completely numb!!! I couldn't feel my legs at all! This time I could feel my legs. I don't know if I could have actually gotten up to walk or anything but I could feel them and move them no problem. But I couldn't feel my contractions at all. As long as I couldn't feel those I was happy. Around 3:00am I started to feel some pressure so nurse Chelsea came in to check me. I was a 7 and so she adjusted my bed so I was sitting straight up in hopes of bringing the baby down even more. At 3:30-4:00 I was really feeling more pressure. So I was checked again and still a 7. I was surprised because the pressure was incredibly uncomfortable. Chelsea moved me again, this time on my side with a "peanut ball" (a huge ball shaped like a peanut, pretty self explanatory) between my legs. At 4:30 I was almost in tears because the pressure I was feeling. I was checked again (by a different nurse this time) and this time I was a 9. After the nurse checked me she just left like that wasn't too big a deal. I was thinking, you'd better get the Dr. cause this baby is coming! At 5 I was really feeling uncomfortable and questioning the epidural I had. I was feeling too much and I actually started to feel a little scared. I wasn't prepared for this. Trent, my parents and my mother in law, were all in the room with me and were wonderful. It was an intense time and they helped keep the room quiet and peaceful which I really appreciated. Trent said he thought we should the the nurse to check me again (I wasn't able to really communicate at that point so I was thankful that he sensed something was up). At that point my parents and mother in law left the room because they knew it was going to be time to push. I was told the Dr. was coming but not fast enough. My body was pushing all on it's own. Do you know how difficult it is to not push when you have no control? While we waited I was completely unaware of anything or anyone in the room other than Trent. He was so great, coaching my breathing, telling me it was going to be ok, that the Dr. was on her way. Finally, at 5:15am Dr. Mayer came in. At 5:18 I started pushing and at 5:24 Levi O'Keith Owens was born! I asked that he be given right to me but his breathing was a bit labored so they took him straight to the warmer to help him out. Of course, I was ok with it because I wanted him to be ok but I was dying to see him! Trent went over and was very proud of the fact that Levi had his toes. When I saw him for the first time I noticed he had much more than Trent's toes! Levi definitely takes after his Daddy which I love! Luke looked just like me and it's so fun to see that Levi looks like Trent. I see a little of Luke in him too though. You can tell they are brothers. Looking back, I definitely felt way more than I should have! I was absolutely scared. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat to have this precious boy in my arms. Labor and pushing times were less than half what it took with Luke and I was grateful for that.
Isn't it incredible how you instantly love them? I love them from the moment I find out I'm pregnant but when I finally met my boys that love was overwhelming! I am so grateful to be Levi's mom.
I've recovered very well and am enjoying my new little family. I feel so blessed!!!