Monday, July 14, 2008

Yes, I'm a Push Over

I have been working for an auto dealership for about 31/2 years. I started off there as a receptionist and then quit after about a year and a half because I was getting sick of the sleezy environment and being treated like gum on the bottom of someones shoe. I took some time to visit family and worked at a nearby elementary school after I left. I really loved working at the school but once summer came I needed a new job. I fell back on my connection with my friend Jessica who ran the front desk and told her I needed a temporary job until the school year started again. I wasn't thrilled about returning to work there but I needed a job quick and I wouldn't have to train there. Once the school year drew near I was getting more and more excited to quit. Of course, right before I was supposed to leave I was offered a promotion and a raise that I couldn't refuse and I now found myself in a new department with new people and so I was hopeful that this change would work out well. Oh how wrong I was! The position I was given was as an administrative assistant to the companies executive assistant. She worked directly with the family that owned the dealership empire and let me just say that this family is NOT easy to work with. Because I was there to help her in any way possible I worked with that family a lot myself. I quickly found out that they could care less about me, my feelings or whether or not I did a good job. When I did a bad job though they made sure you knew exactly how worthless you were. They wanted you to get everything done 5 minutes before they asked you. If you didn't get them someones number fast enough (and by fast enough I mean faster than you could dial the number) you would get a smart comment like "80% Lindsay, 80%" (Oh I hated hearing that!!) I would also expect to get yelled at (and when I say yell I mean YELL! and be told I wasn't good enough) They wanted you take care of their personal life as well. Anything from picking up their wife's dry cleaning to fixing their cell phones, you name it, they couldn't do it. Last I checked that was NOT in my job criteria. I swear it's amazing how incapable they are! I guess when you have billions of dollars you decide you're above buying your own mouthwash and that you can talk down to people. I don't know if I'm even getting across how ridiculous it was to work there but let me just say that I am a pretty patient, tolerant person and these guys made me want to throw myself over a cliff. Why would I work and put up with such a place you ask?...I'm not quite sure. I definitely didn't get paid enough to put up with their crap-ola! The only reason I can really come up with is that the other people that I worked with were good people and even though I felt like I couldn't do my job they reassured me that I was somewhat valued. Kim, my boss, was also stressed to the max and needed me badly. I know. Not good reasons to stay in a situation like that. As my husband always told me "I'm too nice" and I hate putting others in difficult situation and I didn't exactly have people salivating to get my job and I knew it was going to be difficult for them to find someone to fill my position. Thank goodness for me there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am starting school full time in the fall and would need a part time job. There was no way around that. I knew there was no way they would allow that position to be a part time job. So, I gave my notice and was getting so excited to leave! What was I thinking though!? Or course it couldn't be that easy. For some reason, I just couldn't leave that place and was drug back in again. They said they needed me so badly that they could make it work part time. GREAT! So since I was pretty sure I couldn't get a p/t job that paid what I was making there, and because I knew what I was doing there and I wouldn't be there as much as I used to be, and after about a week to decide, I agreed to stay. (Yes, I'm an idiot). Heavenly Father must have been looking out for me though because about two weeks later...I was LAID OFF!!! Yep, you read that right they kicked me out. What they heck was all that please stay part time crap about? "Oh yea, go ahead and go and pursue your education, Oh wait please stay!, Never mind get out of here!" Wow what a whirl wind. I was kind of upset by all that but I couldn't deny how excited I was to leave. I was almost gitty when I called Trent and told him. He was pretty relieved too. Whenever I would have a bad day at work (which was pretty much everyday) I would bring that home with me and that was not fair to him. So long story short I'm not working right now (it's kinda hard to find a p/t job that will work with my school schedule) and I'm enjoying time to get things done before I start school and loving being anywhere but there! Hooray for me!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Welp, we made it! One whole year. Holy Cow! Where has the time gone!? We were told this year was going to be the hardest but I think we've realized you can't believe everything you hear. We have felt so blessed. I've decided there's nothing better than being married to your best friend! He is such an incredible man and I feel so privileged to be his wife. I can't wait for what our future brings but here's a little look at our beginning. I mean common, how could we not be lucky? We got married 7-7-07!

Such a great day! :)