Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Little Goober

It's been a month already since our last post. Luke is two months old! Where does the time go? Everyone tells you to enjoy every minute because it goes by fast. No kidding! He had his 2 month check up today and we found out he's 13lbs 3oz and 23 inches long. (That's 75th for weight and 50th for height for those who were wondering) He's smiling up a storm and is cooing and making the cutest little noises! Is there anything sweeter? He's such a snuggle bug which I LOVE! I think he's getting ready to start giggling any day now too. He starts to work up to it and then just can't quite get it out. Sometimes he goes from smiling to talking to crying to smiling again without missing a beat! You can tell this whole body thing is a little overwhelming to figure out for him still. We went through a rough week or two around Christmas time where every night at around 5 or 6 he would just cry for about 3 hours straight. No matter what we did he just couldn't be comforted. There was nothing we could do sometimes accept cry with him (and believe me sometimes I did). It broke my heart and I've never felt more helpless. (Audra, I feel for you! I had it for about 3 hours a day for two weeks. I can't imagine all day every day for 3 months! You're a good woman.) We weren't sure what brought it on but he seems to be out of that phase now. I seriously think that life just got to be too much for him sometimes and he just needed to cry it out. Being a baby must be so hard. There's so much to figure out and learn!
The majority of the time he's a happy baby boy. I think we're all learning our new roles as well as anyone would expect. It's interesting to see your spouse go from husband or wife to mom and dad. I know that for me I see Trent in a new light. I fall more in love with him each day as I watch him with our son. I knew he would be a great dad but he still has his ways of surprising me. He always told me before we had Luke that he wasn't as excited for the newborn/baby phase but was super excited for the one year old/toddler age. He's still excited for that but you can tell he just can't get enough of our sweet little Luke. After all they're only this little for so long. We are so in love with our baby boy! :)
1st Road Trip to UT to visit his Great Grandparents the week after Christmas.

1st Christmas in his cute PJ's Aunt Kelsey bought for him.

Hangin out with Dad

Sweet little smile :) We are having so much fun!