Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Funnest Day Ever!

First of all thank you for all the nice comments! Trent and I are so excited about this baby. I'm about 11 weeks right now and so the baby is due November 22nd. Thanksgiving Baby! Hopefully just not ON Thanksgiving :)

Trent and I found out that we were pregnant in March. We knew even before we became pregnant how we wanted to tell our families so when it happened we started to put the plans in action. Let me just preface this by saying that we've been working very hard to keep this a secret from our family. We had them all pretty much convinced that Trent wasn't ready for kids yet and that we were gonna wait a while longer before we started trying. So here's how we broke the news...

Trents mom and dad got one of those digital picture frames for Christmas last year. Both Trent's brothers have loaded pictures of them and their families on the frame and we were the only ones who haven't put pictures up. His parents were always asking us when we were going to put our pictures up. So on Mothers Day we came over to have breakfast and told them we finally loaded our pictures. After breakfast, we were all sitting around looking at our pictures and reminiscing about each one. Finally a sonogram picture popped up with red writing on it that said "Grandkid #6 ETA November 22nd" His mom immediately started screaming and crying and hugged us both. His dad on the other hand took a few seconds longer to figure out what the picture was. But once he did he started crying too :) It was perfect. Even though this isn't their first grandchild the are just as excited as if it was. They're gonna have their hands full this year though cause both of Trents brothers are expecitng at the end of the year too! Three grandbabies in one year!So fun!!!!

When it came to telling my family the news we knew we needed it to be special for my brother Tyler as well. As you all know he's serving a mission in Alaska and so we wanted to make this special for him too even though he can't be here. I love my brother so much and over the last few years have developed a special relationship with him. We decided that we wanted Tyler to be the first one we told and for him to be the one to share the news somehow. We emailed him right when we knew we were expecting and he was SO excited! Through email, we started plotting a way to tell my parents and we decided that his phone call on Mothers Day would be the perfect time to spill the beans. Mothers Day came and we were all on the phone with Tyler talking about all the incredible things he's experiencing and accomplishing in Alaska. (Which is a whole other post of itself! He's doing SO awesome!)When the conversation started to wind down a bit more he said "Is everyone able to hear me cause I have some exciting news" (he was on speaker phone) Once we said yes he said "Well, mom and dad...I'm gonna be an uncle!" They were in such shock when we broke the news that I thought they were gonna pass out! Their reactions were priceless. They both started crying and so did a few of my brothers. IT....WAS...AWESOME!!!!!!

It was so hard for me to keep this a secret but it was all totally worth it for the reactions from our families (who were so shocked!) and to have Tyler tell my family. It made it that much more special for all of us. We got my parents reactions on video.

We tried to record his parents but didn't push the 'record' button all the way so we missed it :( I'm so bummed!

Now that the word is out its become even more exciting! It was pretty fun though for Trent and I to have our own little secret for a while. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Picture From Tyler!

My brother Tyler who's serving a mission in Alaska just sent us a great picture!

Wow! That's GREAT news Tyler!