Friday, February 29, 2008

"Happy Birthday To You!"

In case I don't have a chance to get around to it tomorrow I just wanted to publicly say "Happy Birthday!" to Trent who is turning, as he would say it "a quarter of a century" tomorrow! I'm gonna try my best to make his first birthday as a married couple a memorable one so that he might forgive and forget his birthday last year. We had just started dating and celebrated his birthday the night before because he was going to be busy with school on his actual birthday. I came over to his house and celebrated with him and his family and then totally dropped the ball the next day (the real birthday) and didn't even call. It text him that morning but that was it! I know, not the best way to impress the guy you're seeing right? Lucky for me he was able to look past that and marry me anyway. Not so lucky for me is that I think he is going to hold that over my head for the rest of our life! But this year I am planning to make it up to him the best I can. Even though I have a feeling it will take years for that scar to heal! But it's ok because I love him and he's worth it! Here are just a few of the things that I love about Trent:
1. He's a big goof ball and doesn't take life too seriously.
2. We can be doing absolutely nothing and still have a BLAST, he cracks me up everyday!
3. He does little things like leave love notes written on the back of an old grocery list in my car for me to find.
4. He's a people person. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Trent.
5. He's DANG good lookin'!
6. He supports me in absolutely everything that I do.
7. He's SUCH a hard worker!
8. When he says he thinks I'm beautiful I can tell that he means it.
9. He has a rock solid testimony.
10. He is my Best Friend!!!!
I love you sweetie! I hope you have a GREAT 25th Birthday old man!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared!

Jared and his buddies
Playin B-Ball
I know it looks like he stole this money from my mom but that's acctually his don't worry.
I guess you never forget how to ride a bike. My Dad's such a big kid :)
The twins and Holly runnin around.
Ready for a break

Saturday was my brother Jareds'12th Birthday! We all went to the park and let the kidos run loose. They played sports for two hours. We could hardly get them to come have ice cream and,upon Jared's request, my mom's homemade sugar cookies.YUM! He's not a cake kinda guy. I can't believe how old he is already. My family is growing up and experiencing a whole new phase in life but we're still havng a lot of fun!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucky Number 7

Just wanted to take a moment to celebrate mediocrity... As of yesterday Trent and I have been married a whopping 7 months!!!! We have eternity ahead of us and love our life together. We did good :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Today I was talking to a lady at work and she asked how many siblings I have. When I told her there were six of us and that I am the oldest and the only girl I got the usual response "Oh you poor thing!" To that I just laugh and say "Actually I LOVE it!" I love being surrounded by all the men in my life!
I didn't always feel like that though. When we found out my third brother, Jared, was going to be "another boy!?" I cried for days. I couldn't understand why I couldn't have just ONE sister! My mom finally came to me and said "How do you think your baby brother feels looking down on you crying because you don't want him?" That changed my whole perspective on things. Then when my mom told me that she was pregnant again and that it wasn't only one boy coming into our family but two boys, I was ecstatic! It was so perfect and they completed our family. There are a lot of up sides to being an only daughter in a family of sons. When I turned 8 I got my own room and never had to share again! Going on Daddy daughter dates and not having to share him with anyone else! When my Dad and the boys go on Father and Sons camping trips my Mom and I get "our time". I didn't understand what Drama was till I got had girlfriends in Jr. High! Which is a HUGE blessing cause, I don't do drama too well!...I could go on but basically I think that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put me in my family of boys. The boys make me laugh every time I'm around them. They are such good kids too. You never hear about them getting into trouble or causing problems for anyone and we all love each other.

A lot of that credit has to go to my parents. They're raising great kids. My Dad is another 'boy' that I'm crazy about! He's my Daddy and I'm his Little Girl and that's how it's always gonna be! My boys treat me like a princess and so it was only natural for me to be drawn to a companion who treated me the same way. Trent fits in perfectly into my life. I still can't believe I got him! I'm so lucky to have him! He's all boy and can be just a goofy and silly as my brothers (which I love). They love him and he loves them right back. I don't know what I'd do without all my Kings and Princes!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weekend Fun!

So this last weekend I helped my brother with some work on his lot. He had a slab where a barn used to be that we had to break out. It was interesting because I was in charge of this bad boy! That’s right, a mini green tractor. I felt weird though because back in the day I was the laborer with the shovel that loaded the bucket up while the lazy operator just sat there. Well now it was my turn while the (legally) hired Mexicans loaded the bucket. It actually made me feel lazy because I was thinking that the Mexicans were thinking that I was lazy. Did that make sense? Sure!

Monday, February 4, 2008


So this last weekend Trent's folks were out east with Jeff (Trent's brother) for their baby blessing. We thought we would take advantage of a free home and have the Penrods over for dinner. It was a dual purpose evening. First we wanted them over for dinner and wanted to have a good home cooked meal since we don't have an oven. And we also asked Anna to help us out with taxes because we have no idea. (OK that's three reasons) I have done them once this last year and Trent has never done them. So she pushed us in the right direction. We are appreciative for her help. And they brought their cute little daughter Clara. I do believe that she had her first steps in our presence. It was a great night and we are happy to have great friends.

Friday, February 1, 2008


So it's me again! I just thought I would stick a plug in here for Roger! If you haven't heard the music of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, formerly known as The Refreshments, then you are missing out. Also, in case you didn't know you are listening to them right now (if your speakers are on). You can learn about them on their web page and notice that they are coming to Tuscon Feb. 16th. If anyone would like to join Lindz and I you are more than welcome to come! (If you can't tell or don't know I am a huge fan!)