Monday, November 3, 2008

I Wish I Could Come Up With Creative Titles

First of all I just want to say that the funeral service for Shane Figueroa on Saturday was the most moving, inspiring, touching and life changing funerals I've ever been to. The throng of friends, family, police officers etc was absolutely impressive. You couldn't help but walk away with the knowledge that Shane's life and death has touched literally thousands. His testimony and love of the gospel was strongly felt. What an incredible person he was. We all will miss him.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a little goodbye party for our good friend and Trent's cousin Scott. We played Rock Band ate yummy food, laughed and had a great time. He reported last Wednesday to the MTC (mission training center) as a full time missionary in Portland, Oregon. We are all so proud of Scott and this decision he's made. It won't be the same without him for the next couple years but we're all 100% behind him and we'll be here ready to party again when he gets back!

Trent displaying his mad skills on the guitar!

Cherish and Kelsey

The gang. Yes this is typical. Trying to get these boys to take a serious pic is near impossible.

We'll miss our Scottie! Can't wait to hear about all the great things he'll do!

I'm gonna be honest, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I LOVE celebrating Fall and Thanksgiving and to me, Halloween is just a sign that Thanksgiving is coming. Luckily for me I married a man who feels the same way. We're both totally content to not dress up and stay home and pass out candy. This year though we went to my parents to see my brothers costumes and watch movies. It ended up being a pretty fun night.

Jared & his buddies as the 3 Musketeers

Tyler and his friend Ronnie looked awesome! If you can't tell they're Two Face and The Joker

He even went as far as to shave one side of his head!

Agent J and Agent C of the Men in Black :) So cute!

Like every Sunday we were in Maricopa again with the fam. All 9 of us decided to go on a walk. It was a beautiful day and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures

Of course any family outing would be incomplete without my parents "other child" Holly.