Friday, July 30, 2010

Check it out!!

Hey everyone I've started a photography blog with my friend Heidi Rieck. We are trying to turn this into a little business and we want to try a test run to see how it goes. We've created a blog and have done a few great sessions so far. Come check it out!

We are offering incredible introductory deals on photo sessions right now to get our name out there so if you are interested please let us know!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I knew as soon as Luke could crawl that it couldn't be long till he would be running. The very next day after figuring out crawling he was pulling himself up on the couch, his crib rail, kitchen chairs, pretty much anything he could. This is his new favorite thing to do. He can stand like this for several seconds. He has a new toy that a friend gave him. It's a Leap Frog shopping cart with wheels and he will actually walk with it sometimes. My mom always talks about how intense he is. Yep. That's the perfect word. Once he figures something out that's his main focus for a while. Huh, I wonder where he gets that? (Remember the puzzle and the Lego train track?) Maybe it's normal for an 8 month old to stand on his own like this, I have no idea I'm a rookie you know. All I know is he's growing up way too fast.

This intense personality of his could be why he got this today... Can you see it? It's just a little red mark under his eye. His first shiner. He loves to "help" me fold his laundry. I bring his clothes from the dryer in a blue plastic hamper. He pulls his clothes out of the laundry basket and throws them on the floor. Mommies little helper! Well today he was holding onto an edge of the hamper and it folded under him and he fell and hit his face on the edge. Poor little guy. He looked at that hamper like it did it on purpose! So sad.

Monday, July 12, 2010

3 Years

Trent and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wed. We went to dinner and saw a movie. Our idea of a perfect night out. :)
I meant to get a picture of us while we were "out on the town" but I totally forgot. I wanted to make sure I captured the day though. So here we are in out grubbies on the couch. But this is us!

They're Back!

My poor husband! Trent's warts are back...again. He went back to the dermatologist...again. To try to get rid of them...again. The never ending cycle
It blistered because of the freezing
When we bought this house we took on the empty dirt backyard as well. We actually were kinda excited about it because then we could make it whatever we wanted. We've also learned that creating a yard from scratch is a lot easier to think up and draw on paper than to make it happen.
Luckily for me, I married a very handy, determined and hardworking man! He's been faithfully working on that yard for a couple months now. We can finally see a little of that hard work pay off.
The house that is directly behind us is about 3 feet higher than we are so our yard has this slope along the back wall. We decided to make that into a garden since we weren't sure what else we could do with it.
Here's the garden wall from start to finish. :)
I did help Trent bring each of these stones into the backyard. Each one weighed 55lbs, in the heat of the day, which in AZ means HOT! It was brutal. Poor Trent did the rest on his own that way. Never complained once though. See what I mean? Hard worker!

We're planning to put a fire pit in the middle of where the curve is.