Thursday, November 18, 2010

Luke's 1st Birthday

I can still vivdly remember the day Luke was born (probably because it was only a year ago!). It was the longest, best day of my life. I can remember after they brought him to me and we were alone as a family for the first time thinking, "Oh my gosh! You are mine!". I couldn't believe I was entrusted with such a precous gift. It was actually a little scary! I immidiatly felt a great responsibility for this baby which I've always tried to take seriously. I want the best for him! That feeling has never gone away. He's still my precous boy and always will be. Being a parent has certainly come with its long and ever growing list of challenges. Sure I have moments where I want to lock myself in my room for a while just to get a break. Sure I have moments where there is nothing else to do but cry in desperation for answers. But I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of being Luke's mom. Even the hard times. He's my greatest blessing!
I'm amazed at what he's learned in one year! Right now he's walking like a champ and has been for a couple of months now. He can say bye, "ba". He's learning what things mean and how to get the things he wants. He really is a little person!
His birthday was November 12th but we celebrated it on the 13th because it was a Saturday and of course we needed to have a party! I have to say that we have such wonderful friends and family who came out to support Luke. I know that he had no idea what was going on that day. In fact I'm sure it's already forgotten. I know Trent and I will always remember it though. It was probably more for us than for Luke but he sure was spoiled!

I was a great day! Happy Birthday Luke!

Here's the Birthday Boy one his actual Birthday!

Like I said he was spoiled!

Luke really didn't know what to think of his cake. He just touched it for a while till we showed him he could eat it. Even then he mostly picked at it. I think the pressure of eating in front of an audience was a little much for him! He eventually got a little more into it.

I can't believe he's 1! What a whirlwind this parenting thing is! Happy Birthday Luke :)