Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Give Me Free Time and a Bad Idea! I Just Might Do It!

So... Trent here! When Lindz and I moved into our place one of the first things that my father suggested was that I build a bridge across this gap from our pot shelves to run my old Lego train on for Christmas time.
So my dad gave me the idea and Wood/Patel was nice enough to give me plenty of free time. And I ran with it! Of course I couldn't just half ace it. I had to make it awesome. Come on I have little brother-in-laws to impress! So first the calculations.
Once I had the equation for the arch of the bridge and the dimensions of the gap I plugged it into the good ol' TI-89 and wah-la! I had my bridge. I took the coordinates from my calculator and plotted them straight to my desk.The sketch might be a little hard to see on the desk. Once I got it all drawn out, I started to build. I made it out of popcicle sticks and hot glue.

You might see to the right that I built a ramp because the pot shelves were not level. Well once I got the train on there it didn't work that great, so I had to build an elevated track for the loop on the lower shelf. Here is the final creation with the train on it. It goes all over the pot shelves. Lindsay loves it! There is an error with the bridge though. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Say "NO" to "Yes Man"

Have you ever sat through a movie that you know you should've walked out of. Well, I'm ashamed to say that that was the situation Trent and I were in tonight. We decided to go see "Yes Man" for date night and no more than 10 minutes into the movie regreted our decision. Please don't see it! It is so crude and offensive. I know, what else were we expecting from a Jim Carey movie right? Well this one went way too far. I don't want to get into details but just please take my advise and don't go see it. It isn't worth the money you spend or the un-uplifting feeling you get when you leave the theater! We ended up driving around looking a Christmas lights to try to get that movie off our minds. So say "NO" to "Yes Man"!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Brother The Eagle Scout!

So Tyler earned his Eagle a year ago and we finally had his court of honor a week ago! Just in the nick of time too, he leaves for Alaska in exactly four weeks from today! Holy cow this time is flying by!!!! I can't even think of my baby brother leaving for two years without choking up. I'm so excited for him though, I'll just miss him :)
But here he is with his brothers. A good lookin bunch of boys if you ask me!

Not sure what Jared's doing with his face in this one but it's still a cute bunch!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!!!

So I feel like I accomplished something great on Saturday. Since Trent and I started dating he's been asking me to go mountain biking with him. He loves to mountain bike! I don't know why but I just have felt uneasy about doing it. I'm not the most graceful person in the world as anyone who knows me can attest to. I knew it was pretty much a guarantee that if I went I would get hurt, I wouldn't be able to keep up with Trent (which I can't stand by the way!) or something terrible would happen which would keep me from going again. I know I'm a real optimist! But much to my, and Trent's, surprise I actually liked it! I couldn't keep up with Trent, and I almost passed out at the top of a big climb (seriously I was falling over at the top, Trent had to hold me and my bike up just before I dry heaved in the bushes. Sorry for the details) BUT I DID IT!!!! I was pretty proud of my self. If anything it showed me exactly how out of shape I am and motivated me to work harder! :)

Here we are at the top. Right after I just about hit the dirt and puked my guts out. Lovely.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Don't You Love The Smell of Fresh Cut Christmas Trees? (Scroll down for Thanksgiving post)

Last year I was adopted into an Owens family tradition of cutting our own Christmas tree! I went with Trent's parents and their friends the Rollers and despite pleading from me, Trent had to stay home. He was still in school at the time and just couldn't miss any time for homework and studying. However, he'll never live down not coming with me on our very first Christmas as a married couple to cut down our first tree :) Anyway, it was such a fun experience last year and I was so excited to continue that experience again this year. This time Trent was with us. We also recruited my whole family to come join the festivities :)
The Whole Gang!

The finished product :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Trent and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving lunch with Trent's family. His brother Jeff and his wife Leza came to town from Virginia and it was so great to catch up with them and their little girl Addison who will be 1 next month! She's such a cutie pie!!
Trent with Grandad
Addison! Such a Sweetie :)

Grammie, Leza with Addison and Jeff


What could be better than one Thanksgiving? Two Thanksgivings! After lunch we headed out to my parents house to have dinner with them and it was delicious! We topped off another wonderful Thanksgiving with some good ol' fashioned Wii playin' fun.

Yet another delicious turkey Dad!

We truly have so much to be grateful for!