Monday, January 31, 2011

Luke's Big Boy Room!

I finally finished Luke's new room today! When Levi comes we needed the nursery to be available for him. So, instead of waiting till the last minute to get Luke used to a new room we decided to move him now. We actually got the crib from a friend several months ago and Luke has been taking naps in that room since the beginning of summer (it was one of the cooler rooms in the house during the day) so he's pretty used to it. The transition has gone great and I love how the room turned out!

I decided to go with a Volkswagen theme since Dad is a VW bug fan! He's in the middle of rebuilding a bug right now actually. More on that in another post! There are only a couple things VW up in the room for now but hopefully I'll find more things as time goes by.
This was the original color in the room. My awesome brother Tyler (who's home from his mission! That's a post coming soon) came over and painted the room for me since I can't with the pregnancy. My mom helped too. They did a great job!
Here's the finished product!!! I really love it :)
The only VW things in the room for now. I made the bug and van and the hub cap came from the bug Trent is working on. There are a couple more too that I might try to add in there somehow.

I'm absolutely kicking myself for not taking a before picture of this dresser! It was 70's hideous!!! I got it for free and knew it could be saved. Trent is really the one who should be given the credit. He did all the work. We took the old drawer faces off and Trent made new ones. Add a little paint and new knobs and, tah dah! Brand new dresser!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Owens #2 is A...


Luke gets to have a little buddy :) It's funny how with the second we're thinking more about what would be best for Luke and less about what we want. Trent and I knew we'd be trilled with another boy though so it's a win, win, win for the Owens family!

We also have a name for little boy Owens, Levi O'Keith. We just like the name Levi and O'Keith is after my Dad :)

Hooray for little boys!