Friday, May 30, 2008

Itchy and Scratchy

All my life I have been blessed to be pretty healthy. I have never been allergic to anything and have always felt pretty lucky to not have to worry about whether or not something was going to send me into a reaction. Well I guess Heavenly Father decided it was time for me to experience what that was like (opposition in all things right?). Back in October Trent and I went to conference and a couple days before we left I noticed that certain areas of my skin were kinda itchy but it wasn't anything that serious, just a little itch here and there. I thought it was dry skin. While we were driving out there the itching spread all over my entire body (in between my toes even)! There were never any red patches or bumps either, just itch. It became unbearable and I was scratching so hard that I was giving myself bruises and welts all over my body. It was everything Trent could do to try to keep me comfortable and my poor guy felt so helpless because nothing soothed the pain. As soon as we got back we went to a Dr. who told me that I had come in contact with something that flared an allergic reaction and that I had hives. Fabulous. This lasted for about 4-5weeks. I was so miserable. I had no idea what could have caused it because I hadn't come in contact with anything new! I have always had pretty sensitive skin so all my soaps and lotions are mild and I am consistent with the brand that I use. Unfortunately, hives just go away on their own and though there are a few things you can do to sooth the itch (sort of) you just have to let it run it's course and hope you don't get in again. It may seem silly but I think that might be the most uncomfortable that I have ever been! I still don't know what caused it, the first time at least! Monday afternoon I was plagued with that same unbearable itch. NNNOOOOO!!!! I knew instantly what it was but still saw a Dr. this morning who confirmed that it was the dreaded hives. Yes I have it again. I am pretty positive I know what it's from this time. Trent's Grammie left me the rest of her Gain laundry detergent to finish off. The Dr. said that is the most common detergent to cause allergic reactions. Yeah, Gain hates me. I had no idea it would do this to me and since detergent is expensive and we didn't have any from the move I washed our sheets, bath towels and clothes in the wonderful stuff. Needless to say it's never going to be used in our house again and now I know to just be careful and not stray away from what I already know works for me. I'm rewashing everything in our old brand and praying this goes away soon. Wish me luck! At least I have an idea of what I'm in for this time around. If any of you have had this before and know about a miracle remedy please let me know! So far I've tried Benadryl, a prescription antihistamine, baths in that oatmeal stuff, baths in baking soda, avoiding warm water, creams, lotions.... Anything is worth a shot trying. I am grateful that I know what the source is this time. It's not the worst reaction to have, just a really really annoying and uncomfortable one. Sorry if I've made you all itchy now!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Movin' On Up!!

May has been such a busy but way exciting month for Trent and me! Trent's graduation was on the 9th, we went to Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka Rocky Point) with his family last weekend (a super fun yearly tradition in the Owens family, I'll post about that later) AND we're moving this weekend!! That's right; Trent and I are growing up (sort of) and moving out of his parent’s guest house! His sweet Grammie is getting too old to live completely on her own and so to best accommodate her it was decided that we would swap houses with her. We are really excited about the decision! It's a bitter sweet situation though. On one hand, Trent and I are getting into a bigger place, Yippee! We've been living in a 400sq. foot one room radius for so long that moving into Grammies little town home is gonna feel like moving into a mansion! On the other hand it's hard for us to watch Grammie get older and have to depend on others more and more. She's such a sweet heart and we love her to death! This move will be great for her though and I think she’s pretty excited about being closer to family and managing a smaller place. It will be comforting for everyone to know that she is close to Dale and Joanna in case anything should happen to her. We will probably see her a lot more now too which we love because she's a hoot!! If you want a good laugh, hang out with her for a little while and you'll get it!
It's amazing how much you can accumulate in almost a year’s time. Looking at everything that we've boxed up, I don't know how we fit it all in our house in the first place! I really don't know if I could put it all away again and make it fit. It feels like we're busting out the seams in that place. I can't wait to utilize the little things like an oven, cook top, washer and dryer, two bathrooms! Aahhh, Heaven! I also get to decorate more than one room! Living in the studio room has given me a lot of time to get excited about decorating the town house and make it feel like home.
We have been so blessed in our marriage and we just can't get over it sometimes. Trent’s parents have been so wonderful to let us occupy their backyard for so long while we try to save for a house and now Grammie is letting us take over her home so we can save some more. We'll be adding a lot of financial responsibility with this move, more than we’re used to anyway, but it still is nothing like a house would be! It has been so nice for me to live so close to my in-laws too and to develop a relationship with them that maybe I otherwise wouldn't have right now. We’re really gonna miss being close to them sometimes. They are awesome and I love them so much! Trent and I have had fun in our little guest house but now we're ready for a new adventure! We'll never forget our humble beginnings and super fun memories and good times in the guest house!I didn't have a really good picture of the house itself but here's one of us in his parents backyard. The house is in the back of a garage, that you can't see, behind Trent. That walkway behind the pool takes you right to the door. They have an awesome pool back there too that we're gonna miss being so close to. I know we're spoiled!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He Did It!

He did it! Trent finally graduated Summa Cumme Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering on May 9th. I couldn't be prouder of my guy! He has worked super hard his whole college career and now he's finally able to reap the benefits. He has a job with the civil firm that He's been interning with, Wood Patel, and we are both really happy about that. He seems to really like it there and since he's been there as an intern for the last 10 months he already has a grip on how things are run there.

My family, Trent's parents, his brother Justin, and his cousin Scottie and Scottie's mom Sharon were able to come as well. Everyone is so proud of him. After graduation everyone came back to his parents house for for a BBQ. It was a great Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

She's Havin' a Baby!

My good friend Kelsey is due in about 15 days with her first baby. (Did I freak anyone out with my title... No,I'm not pregnant!) I was able to co-throw a baby shower for her and little Brooklyn (her baby girl on the way) with her mother-in-law, Julie. It was so much fun to be apart of! I love that girl and am so excited for her and her hubby! Trent and her husband Clark, are best friends from H.S. and so Kels and I count ourselves lucky to have become such good friends ourselves! She's so much fun and she is going to be the best little momma! I love her to death!! Here are a few pictures from the big day.
Playing the Toilet Paper Game

She Hit The Motherload!!
Kels and Baby Brooklyn...See what I mean?! She's a Good Time!
Me and Kelsey