Saturday, September 27, 2008

My turn to update!

I guess it has been a whole since you all heard from me. Well I guess I have a lot more time now since I was laid off this last Thursday. It came as a surprise, kinda. I did dream the night before that I was laid off. I guess God was just preparing me for the next day. So its on to job hunting! Lindsay has a job interview today for this place called Jymboree or something like it for a part time assistant manager. So hopefully good things will come from that. Be prayin with us to find employment if you would. It will be greatly appreciated.

So on to a different topic... a little while back I received the best gift ever (for the moment I received it at least)! I got all my Legos back! That's right all of them! I sold them to my moms friend before my mission to try and save some money and I regretted it ever since. Well she told me that as soon as I had my first son she would give them back to me. Well once I knew that she was going to give them back to me I figured I should try and get them now. And I did! Lindsay and I have already separated them by color and I have built a few sets. Brings me back to my childhood! Its great! We might have pictures to come later.

So other than that I have started a new hobby about a month ago. My friends got me into fishing. We would go every Friday to Saguaro Lake and fish off the shore or the dock. At first we would catch nothing or these little Bluegill...

But the last two times we went we figured what the Largemouth Bass like, and that's what we want to catch! Last week my buddy Jason caught 3 Bass in like 30 min. and I caught nothing.

Well yesterday I caught 4 Largemouth and Jason 1. I just figured God was showing a little sympathy on me for losing my job the day previous and let me enjoy catchin lots of fish. It was all good and fun!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Fun FIlled Weekends! WARNING: Picture Overload!!!

Well I know it's been a while but I actually have an excuse this time for not blogging. #1 I finally started school!! YIPPEEE!!! It is so nice to have something to get accomplished everyday. Granted it has only been two weeks of it and I'll probably have a post soon enough about how 'I'm so sick of school!' But for now I'm happy. I already dropped a class though! It was my photography class and I was really excited to take it but I would have to spend at least $400 in equipment to take the class and that didn't sound too great. I wasn't too heartbroken though. It was a 35mm film class and I really just want to learn more about digital photography. So, till next semester.#2 Trent and I have been out of town for the last two weekends. For the first weekend, we decided to take a very last minute trip to Utah to visit my grandparents. Trent's mom was going to Kanab and offered to let us drive her up there in her cushy Cadillac and then we could go straight to St. George from there and she would get a ride home with a friend of hers. I was so excited to go! I have to state for the record that I have the best grandparents ever and I was so happy to see them and for Trent to get to know them better and visa versa. Trent was happy to get out of the valley for a while and see some of my family too. While we were there we got to see my cousin Brittany and her boyfriend Nissa. It was so great to see her! We grew up together and so every time we get together we have so much fun reminiscing about old times and catching up on what's new. We went hiking with them and enjoyed St. George's unique beauty. We got to go to the "Jacob Hamblin House" too. Jacob Hamblin is Trent's great great great grandfather. It was pretty cool to see that heritage. Of course the highlight was seeing my grandparents. Outside the 'Jacob Hamblin Home'
Hiking with Brittany and Nissa. His name is actually Apanisa(not sure on the spelling) and he's from Fiji which is so cool!

We saw this on the way up the hike. It was too funny!

The very next weekend we went to California to visit Trent's aunt Martha and her family. They're so much fun! We had a blast down there with them. We left on a Wed. night and then woke up on Thurs and went to 6 Flags with Trent's cousin Hayley and her friend Katie (they got to ditch school!). We rode all the big rides including the "Dare Devil". For those of you who don't know what that is it's a huge swing thing that lifts you up way high and then drops you. It is such an adrenaline rush! I screamed my head off the whole time. Friday morning we were up and at it again and went to Hurricane Harbor. After a long hot day walking all over 6 Flags it was nice to kinda take it easy and cool off at the water park. We realized from the 6 Flags day that we're not teenagers anymore and walking all over a huge theme park all day isn't as fun as it used to be. The park closed at 7 on Thursday and we were ready to leave by 5 or 6! Saturday we went to Santa Monica Pier and rode the Ferris wheel and met friends Dave and Rachel for dinner at a really crappy restaurant at the end of the Pier. It was still fun though! We stayed Sunday and went to church and were able to spend the whole day relaxing and getting ready to go home Monday. It was a great trip!

Getting ready to scream my guts out!

Cousin Hayley and her friend Katie getting ready to go. I think I freaked them out even more with all my screaming.

Almost to the first drop on Goliath
Tired, soar feet, sweaty and ready to go home already!

Santa Monica Beach! I know I look huge in this picture but I had to document that we were actually there so please ignore my chub! The Ferris wheel on the pier.
Melanie and aunt Martha.

We seriously had so much fun! Well that's my little update. Hopefully there will be more to come soon.
*Hopefully this all makes sense. I don't feel like proofreading!*