Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's About Time!

Every time I get on the computer I'm reminded that I really need to update my blog! Levi is already almost two months old. Seriously, we're closer to 2 months old than to 1. Time is flying! I have a feeling I'll be saying this my children's entire lives but that doesn't make it less true. I love being the mother of two boys. Physically they couldn't be more different but that's something I love about them.

My littlest man is such a joy to have in the house! Levi is such a mellow baby. He just goes with the flow. I think the second time around with a new baby has been easier for me but it doesn't hurt that he is so good. He's starting to smile and coo now and we're all soaking it up! Even Luke likes to get in on the fun and talk to him and make him smile. Levi is still all his dad. I look at him sometimes and I just smile about how different he looks from Luke. Luke was round and chunky, Levi is long and just barely starting to chunk out, a little! Luke has a more olive complexion and Levi has milky fair skin. Luke looks like me and Levi looks like Trent. The only thing I can say my boys have in common is they are both absolutely adorable! I love that they have their own looks!!!! Levi really makes us smile every day. It's only been two months and like I said before, it's flying by. But at the same time he feels like he's been apart of out little family forever. I can't imagine life without him. Whenever I look at him I know he was meant to be mine!

Luke, has really adjusted well. At first I couldn't say that though! For the first two weeks or so after Levi came home there were plenty of tantrums! The tantrums I could handle, what was rough for me was that he wanted nothing to do with me after we came home from the hospital. It tore me up! He stayed with my mom while we were there and when we came home he just wanted her. Eventually we got past that and my little boy finally wanted his mommy again. Another obstacle that we're still working on is hitting. Luke has a problem with hitting Levi. At first it happened a few times a day and now we're down to a couple times a week. I'd say that's progress. Timeouts are also a new thing to our house. He's actually really sweet with his brother now. He loves giving him kisses and when Levi cries or makes a noise he comes quickly to get me and says "baby!" while he points to Levi.

Even with all the rough times Luke is still his sweet self. He seems so big to me now. He is saying more words now and copying us all the time. They really do observe everything!! I think we're getting close to potty training too. He has been bringing me a new diaper whenever he pees or poops all on his own. I think that means he understands what's happening now. We bought him a training potty and I've tried to introduce it to him. He thinks it's fun to open and close the lid and run around the house without his diaper on but for now that's as far as we've gotten. He'll use it when he's ready. I'm not expecting anything really soon but we're ready whenever he decides to use the "big boy potty".

We feel so lucky to have our boys!!