Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had such a nice Easter this year. It was fun to watch Luke hunt for eggs and get excited every time he found one. This year we started a new tradition with Grandma and Grandpa Owens. Saturday we all got together and had a great lunch, decorated eggs and cup cakes with the older kids and had an Easter egg hunt. Grandma Jo also had Brighton read a nice little message about the real meaning behind Easter. I am so grateful for my Savior and his life and sacrifice. He's my greatest friend, confidant, cheerleader and example. I hope you all had a nice Easter as well!

Luke and Papa Dale
Grandma Jo and her Grandbabies (Minus Addison and Xander. We miss them so much!)

As much fun as he had hunting for eggs, what would he rather have been doing? Playing with his buddy Quigley! Luke loves to throw his toy for him.

Happy Belated Easter all!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

March (and some April) in Pictures

I recently uploaded a bunch of pictures from last month and some of this month on my computer and realised I had quite a few! So here's a recap of March (and some of April) in pictures :)

He had his first Oreo! Thanks to mom's irresistible cravings for Oreo's :) As you can see almost all of it made it in his mouth. Luke found this blanket in a drawer of our entertainment center. After I spread it on the floor for him he grabbed his books, crackers and sippy cup and made a little picnic indoors while he watched Finding Nemo in Disney channel. Such a cutie!!! Grandma Lora taught him how to put crackers between his toes. He's since gotten very good at it!What a stud! This was Trent and Luke getting ready for church a few weeks ago. Can you tell the boy loves and admires his Dad!? Dad rinsed his toothbrush... SO of course Luke needed his rinsed too. My mom got Luke his own work belt so he could help Dad in the garage :) He wore it the whole first day he got it almost. I honestly don't remember why he was crying in this picture (pouting would be more like it) but it makes me laugh! We made a fort in the living room. He loved it! He mostly wanted to run around it. He would crack me up because if I got out of it he's grab my hand and pull me back in. Even if he wasn't in it he wanted me to stay in there. It was pretty cozy in there actually so I didn't mind. If he wasn't awake I could've taken a little nap :) And finally we went to the park with Grandma Lora a week or so ago. I've felt like such a bad mom lately because we seriously stay inside all the time. I have been so hot and tired lately. I finally decided to get up off the couch and take my boy to the park! He deserved it. Excuse his shirt which is way to small and tight on him...it was laundry day so the poor boy looked like an orphan. He drug Grandma all over the park. You can tell by the look on his face that he didn't have any fun at all! :) How can you resist that face!?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

I feel like at this moment I have so much going through my mind. I just need to get all these thoughts out so here goes. This is more for my benefit so feel free to skip this post if you want...

-I really feel like I've done so much better with my weight this pregnancy! So far I've only gained 11 lbs. I put on almost 50 with Mr. Lucas so this is pretty exciting for me.
-That being said I'm really worried that these next couple months will catch up with me and I will put it all on again.
-At my last appt Dr. Jackson told me that Levi is "measuring a little on the large side". What does this mean!? Will I have a big baby? And I can feel it, let me tell you! Luke was 7 lbs 9 oz and I still needed the help of forceps to get him out. That was mostly cause his heart rate was dropping and we needed to get him out fast but still! I'm nervous about having to push a average size baby out all on my own this time let alone a "large" baby! I'm thinking (maybe wishful thinking?) that Levi just went through a growth spurt and that he'll average out before D day.
-We live in Maricopa and are delivering at the same hospital that we had Luke at. I love the hospital but mostly I love my Dr's and this hospital is the only place they deliver. When I had Luke though we were living about 3o minutes closer to the hospital than we do now. The hospital is a good hour away now! I don't think I will deliver in the car or anything (knock on wood!) but I am worried about having contractions in the car where I can't get comfortable for an hour. I'm no hero. I want my epidural!
-I'm feeling really motivated and excited about losing weight after this boy comes. I'm giving myself a week after he comes and then it's back to Weight Watchers!
-I recently took an awesome photography class and have yet to take my camera out and practice what I learned! What's wrong with me? I want to, trust me. I just feel so huge and so tired that crawling around for a shoot doesn't sound ideal. I need to just get out there and take my adorable toddler out for a mini shoot! Bite the bullet and do it!
-Trent is wonderful! I seriously have married the perfect man for me. He is working so hard. He is always a hard worker in everything he does but at work right now he's doing the work of about 3 people. His superior at work just quit and so he's been promoted temporarily till they find someone to take on the job full time. It is SUCH a demanding job and he's constantly going. I'm amazed at how he keeps it together. If it were me I'd come home each night (sometimes he doesn't get home till over an hour later and still has phone calls and work to do when he gets home) and want to just crash! But he still wrestles with Luke, helps with dinner, and makes time for me. I just love him. Love him!
-Luke looks so big to me lately. Maybe it's his new clothes or the fact that he tries to talk to me like he knows what he's saying. We'll have little conversations all day that mean absolutely nothing to me but he sure knows what's going on! I can't imagine how big he will look when his little brother gets here.
-I have 2 months left and I'm kinda freaking out a bit. I'm more excited than scared at this point though.
-I LOVED General Conference this weekend. I needed it so much. What I walked away with this time was that I am a Daughter of God. Because I am His I can go to him with any questions I have. Concerns. Expressions of Joy. Moments of frustration. Anything. He will always answer me and I need to really listen for those answers. Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day life that I think he didn't answer my prayer but the truth is I just wasn't listening. He will always answer me. I just need to pay attention!
-Look how handsome my boy is! He gets his good looks from his Dad :)