Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've Been Told

That I need to update my blog :) And I do.
Well let me just catch you all up on the whole weight loss plan. (Thanks for all the great advise and encouragement by the way) I've actually been doing Weight Watchers for almost 3 weeks (3 week mark on Monday)and I've lost 7 lbs so far! Yay! I'm loving it. I'm the type of person who gets pretty excited to eat and that's what I miss when I diet but WW lets me keep that excitement and still lose the weight. I'm pretty excited about that! My friend Heidi is doing it too so we help keep each other on track and motivated. Exercising hasn't been quite as easy. But I'm gonna be forced to get motivated here real soon cause Trent and I signed up for a marathon in September! Ah!!! Me?...A marathon!? That's just silly! But it's true. We signed up with Justin and Audra, my BIL and SIL. They've done it before and made it sound so fun and suckered us into signing up with them this year.:) I've never in my life wanted to run a marathon but this one isn't just running. It's running, biking, canoeing(sp?) and some other things. I'm a little nervous but actually excited too. I'll be good for me to have a deadline to get fit. (I'm gettin pumped Audra!!!)So there you have it. That's my get fit plan. I'll keep you updated on how it's going.
Luke is 6 months old! What?! When did I give him permission to grow up so fast? Seriously folks this is not fair. It's a good thing he's at such a fun age!!! Oh man. I think 6 months might be my favorite so far. He's so adorable. He's such a fun and happy baby too. I love that he likes to snuggle and that he's so bright and inquisitive. He's growing fast and learning so much. I swear he's gonna take off crawling and day now. Not so sure how I feel about that. Actually ya I do. Not too excited. Baby proofing, here we come.
Trent's doing great. He's been working so hard on getting our back yard done. When we bought the house it was just dirt in the backyard so we've literally had to start from scratch. It's coming along though. My brothers have come over a couple times to help which has been nice cause I get to bring water instead of dig :) Not that I'm not willing.
Just a quick recap on my first Mothers Day...
It was really wonderful! Trent got up with Luke in the morning so I could sleep in and got him ready for church. They (by they of course I mean Trent) also got me a couple Willow Tree statues that are beautiful. I love them! After church we went and saw Trent's mom and dad and gave Joanna her gift then it was off to my mom's to have an awesome dinner prepared by my Dad, and to hear from my brother whose serving his mission in Alaska. It was so great to hear from him! When we spoke to him last Mothers Day he helped tell my family that we were expecting :)That was a great day!!! So fun. No surprises this time. He is doing great though. He'll be home before we know it. It was a bit surreal celebrating Mothers Day as a new mom. I have found so much joy in this great role and responsibility. I truly couldn't be happier doing anything else. Of course it comes with its difficult times but those difficult times make the sweet moments even sweeter.

Ok I know this is getting long but I have to share this story real quick. A little while back my Aunt Dawn was here visiting and my mom, my aunt and I were all talking about my sweet grandma. This woman is extraordinary. We were talking about the things that remind us of her and the little things of hers that mean something to us. I mentioned her sugar bowl. My grandma has this cute little blue and white sugar bowl that will forever remind me of her. So this Mothers Day I decided to get my mom her own sugar bowl. I was so excited to give it to her. I gave her her gift and she gave me mine. We opened them and just started laughing. We both gave each other sugar bowls! It was so sweet. Except my mom called my cousin Erin, who is oh so talented, and had her write a beautiful poem to go with it. It was a precious moment to go with a precious Mothers Day.

Yes this is Luke sucking on a pickle. I thought I'd just let him lick it thinking he'd maybe just make a funny face but He LOVED it!

Happy in Grandpa's chair

Luke and I on Mothers Day

This is what he looks like after his food is all gone. Such a sad moment. Don't worry buddy, I feel the same way when my food's all gone too.