Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Big Little 9 Month Old!

9 months have passed by so fast! I seriously feel like I've blinked and now we're here. He's only 3 months away from being a one year old! It's been a while since I've done an update on just Levi and this seemed like the perfect time.

Levi is still our little sweetheart. He snuggles up still and loves just about everyone! He's also showing his true colors more and more each day! As sweet and loving as he is he's just as mischievous and noisy! I have to have my eyes on that boy during all waking hours! When he's up, it's time to explore! And he's so stinkin' fast and stealthy! His favorite places to get into trouble are the dogs food/water, toilets (not gonna lie that terrifies me! Bathrooms are closed at all times around here!) Doing dishes is pretty much impossible while he's awake cause the dishwasher is a playground to him! He's very determined to get where he wants to go. If there's a will there's a way!

And I'm pretty certain that in the next months or so he'll be taking his first steps! Luke took his around 9 months and Levi seems like he's on the same track. He's already tried several times. We're getting close!
He's had his two bottom teeth for a few months now but he's cutting 4 more right now! Two on top and two more on the bottom. Poor baby! However, unless you could see the teeth coming I'd never know he was cutting 4 teeth at once. In true Levi fashion he's still as happy go lucky as ever! He's all of a sudden started making this adorable scrunched up face when he smiles sometimes. It's so adorable, I wanna just eat him up when he does it! He's full of personality that boy!

The scrunchy nose smile :)

Levi has the biggest bladder of ANYONE I know! That boy soaks his jammies pretty much 5 nights a week. I really don't know how he does it. He's a little bean pole and maybe that's why! He doesn't keep anything in him! I feel like I'm constantly changing his diaper and if I miss one, I'm changing his clothes instead. I've even bought overnight extra absorbent diapers and he still wets through. There's lots of laundry done around here! He's also got this weird obsession with socks. If he finds one he'll carry it around with him all day long. I will usually just give him a clean one that's missing its match for him to have. What a goof ball!
He's also developed a pretty big voice! You'd have to to be heard in this house with big brother Lucas ruling the place! Levi holds his own though and he really does adore Luke. Anything Luke does is hilarious! It's so rewarding as a mother to watch my sons play around and get along. It's also so frustrating when Luke tries to dominate Levi and takes anything that Levi has in his sights away from him. Sharing is an ongoing battle in this house. Neither one of them want to give things up! We're getting there.
Levi loves music and singing! If music is on he'll bounce and "dance" around. He LOVES when Dad plays the ukulele and sings songs to him. He'll drop anything and go crawl to find Dad when he starts to play. He gets so excited when Trent comes home from work and I think it makes Trent's day when both his boys come running and crawling to him when he walks through the door. It warms my heart too :)

We love our Levi boy!

(By they way, no editing was done to this picture. Those are his Daddy's baby blues!)