Monday, January 21, 2008

Making my mark!

So I thought I would leave the coolest picture that I had of myself just to get a rise out of everyone. And to have Lindz write stuff to push this picture down the page so it isn't the first thing on the blog! Everyone enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Last Stretch!

Well Trent has finally come into his last semester of school! Finally the end is in sight and he can start to get really excited about his career. Unfortunately, this semester is going to prove a little more difficult for him since his school schedule is pretty crazy and he is still trying to make deadlines and learn new things at work. Hopefully his homework won't be too demanding. He's such a hard worker and really goes the extra mile to get the best grade he can so i doubt he's going to try to just breeze by this semester. I am quite different from him in that way. I try my best but I don't push myself more than is needed and am completely satisfied with any passing grade I get. I hope for a B! Trent's disappointed with B's. I guess this is why I am not in school for yet another semester. Even though I was planning on it. I just let things get in the way and procrastinated too long. I like to learn but only about things that I am interested or comfortable with. I really hate all the general stuff. But the sooner I get moving the sooner I'll get through all that. I'm amazed with people like my sister-in-law who already has her Master's degree and is back in school again for nursing! I am just not one of those people. But I am excited about studying photography and can't wait to get going on that. I do think education is very important which is why I'm determined to re-enroll in school next semester! I'm really going to push myself. I would hate to let another opportunity to get ahead pass me by which is exactly what happened with this semester. I mean it this time!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Goodbye "Happy Pounds"!

Trent and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being married and wouldn't give it up for anything, but there has been a BIG downside. I hear this is pretty common among newlyweds and so that gives me a little hope! Trent and I have put on quite a few "happy pounds", as a friend of mine so affectionatly calls them. You know that added weight that apperantly comes with being married. I knew NOTHING about this! It seems that we've been REALLY happy cause between the two of us we've probably put on about 60 lbs in six months! I especially feel bad for Trent because before we started dating he lost about 35 lbs and has pretty much gaind it all back since I came into the picture. I can't help it if I'm such a great cook!!:) (just kidding I'm really not That good). My problems started soon after I started birth control and I haven't been able to manage my weight since! SO, after complainging about how chubby (but Happy!) we both are we decied to acctually do something about it. I'll have to post some before pictures to that you can see our progress!(I hope) We decied not to "diet" because we want to still be able to enjoy eating what we like and we wanted something that we could both stick with. We're just trying to cut back on how much we're acctually putting in.
So that just leaves the "E" word...Exercise!! Let me just say that I am not athletic nor have I really ever cared to be so this part of the "get fit plan" is not something I'm excited about in the least bit! We don't have a gym membership right now nor can we really caugh up the money for one so we've resorted to jogging. We're running 3 nights a week with my brother and sister-in-law Justin and Audra which is great because he can spit out 6 miles without breaking a sweat and she's in the same boat that we are so he keeps us motivated and she helps me not feel too much like a loser! It's acctually been pretty fun. I ran 1/2 a mile and walked about 1 1/2 miles the first time and Trent ran 2 the first time (guys suck by the way!) The next couple of times however I managed to run 1 1/2 which felt so GREAT!!!! We're really excited and more motivated than ever to get healthy. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE pass them along.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're finally joinging the blogging world! I'm gonna try really hard to stay on top of this! I'm really not that good at keeping up with journal writing or anything like that but I want to be. Doing it this way kinda puts the pressure on you to keep it up! Trent is enjoying the last week or so that he has of break and I'm loving having him home! It's been so nice to both come home from work and to be able to run errands together or just hang aournd the house. This next semester should be a little more difficult for us since I will be going back to school part time and working full time and Trent will be back full time and working part time. He only has one more semester though so the future is looking bright! We have had so much fun in the six months that we've been married. We're are living in Chandler in a guest house in Trent's parents backyard. It's a small studio style place but we are having a blast! We've created a lot of fun memories living there so far. We were able to take a trip to Salt Lake back in October for general conference and that was such an awesome experience! It was my first time going and I couldn't believe the overwhelming feeling I had while in the presence of the Prophet and all those great men. You always hear about it from other people but there's nothing like experienceing it for yourself! We're hoping to go again in the next year. We had a great first Thanksgiving and Christmas together and are looking forward to what 2008 has in store for us!