Monday, August 30, 2010

9 Months

This has been the strangest age for me so far. I LOVE all the new things Luke is doing and learning, don't get me wrong. But I also am feeling for the first time that Luke isn't really my baby anymore. I know he's still a baby but he's acting more and more like a big boy and he doesn't need me as much. Not gonna lie, it's been a bit difficult for me. But He's learning so fast which has been so fun to watch! Here are a few things we've learned so far:
- He's mastered crawling (that's baby stuff) and he's on to walking. He hasn't mastered that just yet (Thank goodness, I'm savoring every last second I have left!) but he can take several steps on his own at a time. Sometimes he doesn't even realise what he's doing. He'll just walk away from the couch to get a toy or something he sees across the room and before he knows it he's walked there all on his own! Oh will be forever changed!
- He also can wave "Hi" and "Goodbye". One of our new favorite things to do is to wave goodbye to Dad while he drives away for work in the morning. For some reason he thinks it's hilarious when someone waves back to him. We all have a good laugh.
- And MY favorite new this he's learned is giving kisses! Oh it melts my heart!!! There's nothing better in this world than a big, wet, open mouthed kiss from your 9 month old! Sweet joys of life!
- He still loves Baby Einstein and it's a life saver on Sunday mornings while Trent and I are getting ready for church. It plays on a loop and so he'll sit there for as long as we need him to! (Don't worry we don't do it all the time!)

I was thinking the other day that he's been on the outside as long as I carried him on the inside! It seems like he's been here longer than that though. I feel like he's been with us forever! I just got my maternity pictures back not long ago from my friend Kelsey who took them for me. In honor of the 9 month mark I thought I'd post them since I didn't when I was actually pregnant. What can I say? I just didn't really feel like posting pictures of me in my third trimester glory! Now that I look at them again though it wasn't as bad as I thought. :)

Now here he is 9 months later!!!

I know that's a lot of pictures. I'm just a proud mama! :) He's changed my life in almost every way and I couldn't be happier. I'm doing exactly what I've wanted to do my entire life and I have zero regrets!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Backyard Update

So Trent here. Just thought I would show picts of what we did this weekend on the back yard. So I got a contractor to get me a 48" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) that we are going to use for a fire pit (for free might I say!) They dropped it off and everything. It was left on its side so it was easy to roll around. We dug the hole (Lindz helped. Thanks Love!) and just rolled the pipe over and pushed it in. I was really nervous because this pipe weighed a ton (seriously, 2,000 lbs) but it seriously was nothing. So we are going to pour a pad around it with the pit flush with the pad. You'll see picts once its all done. But here are the picts from this weekend.