Monday, December 14, 2009

One Month Old

Can he really be one month already? Where has the time gone!? You can't deny when looking at him though that he's a growing boy. We went to his one month check up today and found out he's already 11 lbs and 22 1/2 inches long. Wow! He's in the 80th percentile for his weight and 60th for height. He's our growing boy! When I look at him sometimes I feel like he looks so little still but then other times I can't believe how big he's gotten already. He's been such a good baby! He pretty much cries when he needs something and then he's pretty happy once he gets it. The only problem we're having is bed time. He's not the best sleeper and has his nights and days mixed up a bit. He usually wakes up around 11:00 or 12:00 to eat and then is up again at 2:00. From 2 am on he is up almost every hour. I'm not sure why. Sometimes he wakes up to eat and sometimes he's just up and looking around for an hour or so. He's not fussy just awake. It's been a challenge for me since I don't ask Trent to wake up with him. I feel like since he needs to be at work everyday and can't nap he shouldn't have to get up with Luke. I can at least nap when Luke does during the day. Everyone is reassuring me that it'll get better and I'm just waiting for that day! His Dr today even suggested giving him formula during one of his late night feedings to hopefully help him sleep longer through the night.
I feel so blessed to be his mother. He's such a sweet little guy and has us wrapped around his little chubby finger. He has brought such a sweet spirit into our home and blessed our lives so much. His grandparents and uncles are all enamored with him too. He's gonna be a spoiled boy!