Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Saturday (It's a long post with no pictures. Sorry! Feel free to not read it!)

So we kicked off our weekend with helping Justin and Audra (Trent's brother and his wife) move into their new home. They built the whole place themselves (well practically) and did a great job! It's so beautiful! It didn't take too long since we had already moved the bulk of their stuff last Saturday and just had the last minute things. After that Trent and I got to go with Justin, who has his real estate licence to look at houses!!! Yep, that's right Trent and I could potentially become home owners with in the year. We feel really great about this decision and feel like we can't pass up the opportunities that are out there right now. So in exchange for helping him move, Justin took us to look at a few places. The first one was nice but not really what we're looking for and the second house was in the cutest neighborhood you've ever seen but the inside...not so cute. It stunk like cigarettes and animals and the carpet was disgusting which we could replaced but the overall layout was awkward and again, not what we're looking for. I felt like I carried the stench of the house with me after I left, ew! But the third house was just right! We loved it!!! It was in an awesome area and the floor plan was just what we're looking for. We'll see what happens though. We'll probably keep looking. There's still a long road ahead of us and we're not in any huge rush to move so we're taking our time. But so excited!!

So after all the excitement of the morning I had to get back home so I could get ready to set up for our stakes' YW broadcast/YW recognition night dinner. I got to the stake center at 3 and we got right to work setting up the cultural hall and getting the food prepped. By 4:20 I left so I could take a much needed shower and get dressed so I could be back in time for the broadcast which started at 5:00. As I was leaving the parking lot to go home a little Korean woman with a small rolling suit case stopped in front of my car waving her hands in the air for me to stop. I had no choice really but to stop and see what she needed. She couldn't speak English very well but I understood that she was trying to get to a neighborhood which was one more block away and asked how to get there. When I told her how far it was she looked like she was going to cry. She timidly asked if I could take her there. Now, I'm not the type of person to ever let some stranger get in my car especially if I'm alone but I knew I needed to take her and that everything was going to be ok. I think she was expecting me to say no, and so was I to be honest, so when I said yes she cried out in relief! She got in the car and acted like it was the first time she'd ever sat down in her life. It almost looked painful for her. I got a better look at her when she got in. She had a band aid on her forehead and weird scrapes and marks all over her face. She was wearing a big jacket over a hoodie sweater and it was probably 73 degrees outside and I don't know the last time she'd showered. I knew right away that she had been through more than I could imagine. After talking to her a bit more I learned that she was trying to find a Presbyterian church where a Pasteur was going to help her get to Kingman, AZ. She was hoping to get a bus ticket that left that night so she would have a place to sleep that night. What was in Kingman I didn't know but it's a pretty far drive from Phoenix. We drove around for 20 minutes looking for this church and I began to panic. What will I do with her if I can't find it? I can't leave her on the street. I had to find this place for her! So I turned to the one person who I knew would know what to do, my wonderful husband. I called Trent and the conversation when something like this:
Me: Hey I'm in a little situation here and I need your help. Do you know of any Presbyterian church's on Alma School and Galveston?
T: Um...I know there are a ton of church's in that area but I'm not certain about a Presbyterian one. Why?
Me: Well I have a woman here who is looking for this church and I'm not sure where it is.
T: Oh well tell her I'm sorry but I don't know where it is exactly. I could try to look it up for her.
Me: Ok, could you do that? She's in my car.
T: WHAT!? You picked her up!!!!??
Me: Yes. It was the right thing to do. I'll explain later.

Clearly he wasn't too pleased I picked up a complete stranger! After we hung up we pulled into a parking lot and waited for his call. She remembered she had a phone number of the place she needed to be and so just as we were getting ready to dial it Trent quickly called us back. He found the church and it was nearby so we headed that way. When we got to the church I let her out and she repeatedly thanked me. She picked up her suit case and I watched for her to get inside ok. Once she was inside I drove off and immediately began to cry! I couldn't even begin to understand how a life like that would be. I felt concern for her that she would find where she needed to go and hoped that the people she came in touch with would help her. I felt so grateful for the life I have. I have people who love me and who would take me in no matter what if anything ever happened to me. I have a husband who I love deeply and who makes me feel safe and loved. I have always had a roof over my head and food on my table. And most importantly I have a knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. That gives me more peace and comfort that I could even imagine possible. I have so much to be thankful for and feel a little embarrassed that it took a situation like this to open my eyes a little more!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's About Time!

Man I hate it when people take forever to update their blogs!! Ok, ok so I'm guilty! Lately there hasn't been much to blog about and now that I actually have something to write about I take forever to get to it! So here goes...

My Dad's birthday was Feb. 27th. He turned 46 this year!! Holy Cow! Trent and I went out to Maricopa to have cake and ice cream with the family to celebrate. Before we could have ice cream though we went to the local park to watch him in his last soft ball game of the season. Now, I know what you might be thinking, "wasn't that how he busted his ankle a year ago?" Why yes, yes it is! I guess there was no stopping him though and he was very excited to get out there and play again. Luckily he walked away uninjured this year. What can I say he's a risk taker and that's one of the things I love about him. Seriously though I think I have the best Dad! He's so much fun and anyone who knows him can attest to that. He also has the greatest heart & I love him SO much!I just love this picture or my Dad. This was during the cabin trip just before Tyler left. I think he looks so handsome :)

We also were able to celebrate Trent's birthday which was March 1st which also fell on a Sunday this year. So we celebrated on Saturday. This year I decided to let Trent plan his special day and do what he wanted to do. We love love love road trips so on Saturday he wanted to hop in the car and drive to The Burger House which is in Miami, AZ. So that's exactly what we did. Those of you who have been there know that they have THE BEST burritos ever and those of you who haven't been there should go! We think it's totally worth the 2 hour drive! We had a lot of fun and took the longer scenic route home and stopped at our friends Clark and Kelsey's house to say hi. We had dinner at BJ's on the way home and just took it easy the rest of the day. On his actual birthday we had his famous Nachos birthday dinner at his parents house. Trent loves nachos and that is and always will be his meal of choice! He even wanted to have a nacho bar at our wedding!
On our way to The Burger House!

This one just cracks me up! My husbands vision is starting to go and he has very sensitive eyes so in order to see while he's driving during the day he has to wear his sun glasses and his vision glasses...It just makes me laugh. What an engineer :)

Before we left for The Burger House though we stopped at a local music shop so Trent could pick out one of his presents, a new ukulele. He picked up playing on his mission but the instrument he got on his mission is actually a quarto and not a 'real' ukulele and he's always wanted a real one. He also gets to fix up his mountain bike for his birthday which he is SO excited about. He got a new fork for his mountain bike. His old one wasn't working and he said would slow him down on the downhills. After he picked up his new Fox fork he went for his first ride with his new and improved bike. He came home and said "this is the best birthday present ever!" I think that means he's happy :) And that makes me happy to see him happy.

Present #1 & Present #2

The happy birthday boy after a great ride on his newly improved bike! I love him:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll get around to it...

I have updates coming soon! I still have my Dad's birthday and Trents to talk about. I need to upload the pictures to my computer so as soon as I get around to it I'll have a new post...whenever that will be :)