Monday, May 14, 2012


The topic of Motherhood has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I've been thinking, pondering, on what it means to me to be a mother. What kind of mother do I want to be and what kind of mother am I right now. After this self evaluation I realised that if I were to give myself a grade I would maybe give myself a B-/C+. Yes, I make sure my kids have their basic needs met. Fed: Check. Bathed: Check. Clothed: Check. I had those things down. What I needed to do was snuggle them more. Stop them on their way to play outside or grab a toy and give them a hug and a kiss. Sing more songs with them. Turn the t.v. off. Watch movies with them. Play outside with them. Give them opportunities for their imaginations to grow. Not get snappy when one of the boys comes to me while I'm on the computer checking Facebook, Pinterest or my email (what am I doing that's more important than what they need me for?). To fall on my knees or plead with the Lord in silent prayer when I feel overwhelmed, frustrated or unqualified in this role. To look for those teachable moments to help my children develop relationships with their Savior. I loved this quote by Sister Cheryl A. Esplin in this last conference:

"Sometimes the most powerful way to teach our children to understand a doctrine is to teach in the context of what they are experiencing right at that moment. These moments are spontaneous and unplanned and happen in the normal flow of family life. They come and go quickly, so we need to be alert and recognize a teaching moment when our children come to us with a question or worry, when they have problems getting along with siblings or friends, when they need to control their anger, when they make a mistake, or when they need to make a decision. (See Teaching, No Greater Call: A Resource Guide for Gospel Teaching [1999], 140–41; Marriage and Family Relations Instructor’s Manual [2000], 61.)If we are ready and will let the Spirit guide in these situations, our children will be taught with greater effect and understanding."

I want to try not to worry so much about the house being tidy and live in the moments with my little ones while they're still little. While they still want me around all the time. While they still want to sit on my lab just because. I want to be a more present mother.
This role of motherhood is one I've always wanted! Nothing I've ever done has left me feeling more blessed or more humbled. It's a calling. It's a responsibility. It's a JOY! It's a challenge and it's my greatest happiness all at the same time. I want to give it 100%. There is nothing in this life that I can do that will be more eternally profound than this.
I'm going to use our family blog to account for the day to day life we enjoy here in the Owens home. I want my boys to look back on this time in their lives and know that their mom loved them and that we enjoyed those little moments together. I want to be more hands on and present for me family. Theis self evaluation was an answer to prayer. No time like the present to change the direction your life is taking.

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